Photos by Fred Biedermann, and Vic Bilson Thank you!
A few tips:

The best place to ride this is in the front for the best view, If you are also looking for some pull then you may also want to try riding in the back. The best time to ride is at night when you see the spectacular lights on the ride.

Not recommended for those who do not like high speed and extreme G forces.
A few specs:

Maximum Drop:154 feet
Maximum Speed63 mph
Track Length   4155 feet
Ride Duration     2.5 min.

My rating9.9/10

Does this review make you want ot ride Chang ?
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Chang: The Best Stand-Up Rollercoaster in the East
Louisville Kentucky is home to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom where another exciting stand-up rollercoaster is located. The name of this rollercoaster is Chang. This twisted rollercoaster (left) contains 5 inversions and hits a top speed of 63 mph. After the lift hill you go into a vertical loop and (below and left). The second inversion (below) is followed by a third dizzy near vertical inversion. Followed by two more rolls you get nothing less than an awesome ride.

Another view of the second inversion (left). Yet another view of the roll just before coming back to the station.
Two views of the barrel roll which is close to the end of this incredible ride!
(right and left)
The near vertical loop (above) may leave some riders dizzy and disoriented.