The Great White: The Best Suspended Rollercoaster in Texas!
Photos by Jason Knutson. Thank you!
A few tips:

The best ride is in the front where you see the most. You may also want to try the back for the most pull. The wait can be up to 30 minutes longer if you want the front. Come back to ride at night when the track is lit up.
A few specs:

Maximum Height:       108 feet
Maximum Drop:    81 feet
Maximum Speed:        50 mph
Track Length:           2562 feet
Ride Duration:       1.5 min.

My rating  9.8/10

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If you like to hang in San Antonio, Texas,  you'll enjoy Sea World's first suspended rollercoaster called Great White. This smooth steel rollercoaster has five (5) inversions. After the first drop of 81 feet, at a speed of up to 50 mph, you are sent through a vertical loop (below) and then turned upside down 4 more times before returned back to the station. Excellent!
Another inversion.
Heartline roll.
Across the lake
Coming around the bend.
Hangin' at Sea World! (above)