Photos by Steve Wilson, and Galaxyland. Thank you!

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A few tips:

The Mindbender is incredible. Watch out for the blinding overhead lights as you go through the inversions.  I arrived on a busy Friday afternoon and did not wait for more than 30 minutes. The  Mindbender is best in the back, but you may also want to ride in front for the best view.
A few specs:

Number of Inversions:           3
Maximum Height:      148 feet
Maximum Drop: 126 feet
Maximum Speed:        60 mph
Track Length:          4198 feet
Ride Duration:         3 min.
Maximum G force:      6.5 g's

My rating10/10

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Mindbender The Best Indoor Rollercoaster on Earth!
This is the Mindbender the world's largest looping indoor rollercoaster located at Galaxyland: the world's largest indoor amusement park which is in the world's largest mall. This incredible mall can be found in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada about 2 hours north of Calgary and is called the West Edmonton Mall. Not the place to take your shop-a-holic spouse, if you know what I mean.
The Mindbender is a Shwartzkopf design which has a most extreme steep first drop achieving the speed of 58 mph into 3 inversions at a maximum of 6.5 g's of force.

Not recommended for the mild rider.
Train is going through the second of three loops. (above)
A few warnings:

The forces are extreme and so the casual rider should not ride. Mindbender has a reputation for leaving riders light-headed due to the 6.5 g's of force created, so ride with care. In any case you shouldn't be driving after riding. Give yourself an hour or you might get pulled over for drunk driving.