Photos by Kyle Asquith  and PCW Unoffical Guide Website Thank you!
A few tips:

The wait on the ride can be 1-2 hours. Ride in the morning when the lines are light and then you must come back to ride at night when the lights are on. Best ride is in the back for maximum air time or front for some air time and a great view.
A few specs:

Maximum Drop:   90 feet
Maximum Speed:        62 mph
Track Length:          3828 feet
Ride Duration:         2 min.

My rating  9.7/10

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The Mighty Canadian Minebuster is a rough  and wild out and back rump busting wooden rollercoaster that can be found in Vaughan about 30 minutes outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

After the first 90 foot drop (left) you zip at up to 62 mph through a few smaller hills which delivers quite a bit of air time as you bounce all around in your seat.
When you get to the turnaround, (left) you have a moment to reposition your sore rear from all the bouncing around. Then, once again, you dive down for more air time, more speed and more hills, through a tunnel and back to the station with your bottom bouncing up and down on the seat all the way back. After the fifth ride my derrier began to feel the ride so, I had to go and ride something else. 
A few warnings:

This ride will wear your bottom out so ride it 2-3 times unless you don't mind a soar rear. This ride is rough and intense and may not be suitable for the weak. You may also want to hang on to the lap bar on the first few rides.
Mighty Canadian Minebuster: A Fun Rump Busting Wooden Rollercoaster