Photos by Joe SchwartzAllyn Fratkin , and Robb Alvey. Thank you!
A few tips:

Montu is best in front because you come so close to the underground tunnel walls, so the wait can be another hour.  Ride the front in the morning when the wait is cut in half, then ride the back, where the wait is even less. Come back at night to ride and expect to wait up to 3 hours for the front, or 2 hours for the back. Night is the best time to ride as the track lights come on.
A few specs:

Number of Inversions    7
Maximum Drop:128 feet
Maximum Speed60 mph
Track Length   3983 feet
Ride Duration     2.5 min.

My rating9.8/10

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Montu: Florida's Best Suspended Rollercoaster Goes Underground!
Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida is host to an incredible high speed suspended rollercoaster that goes underground (left) called Montu. The Montu originally is the hawk headed Egyptian war god that flies and manuevers at high speed and this incredible ride with 7 inversions traveling at speeds of up to 60 mph makes this ride live up to its name. The only disappointment: brakes are hit hard enough two-thirds of the way through causing momentum to be lost.  Momentum that is never fully regained. In spite of the momentum loss, Montu is still an incredible ride.
The track (left) takes you to the first underground tunnel which occurs at an amazing high speed before the brake block. As the train sways back and forth, you think you're going to hit the wall or ground. The remaining tunnels after the brake block are nice due to the clearance between you and the ground is even less. This is probably why the brake block is used.  I think a bigger tunnel would remove the need for the brake block and improve the ride. The higher speed attained would add more to the ride's excitement. For now Montu is still a great ride in spite of its momentum loss: however the ride could be better if the brake block remains unused except in emergency.
One of the underground tunnels. Note how close you come to the ground and the walls. (above)
The train swings almost to where you are riding sideways. (above)
Look out! Coming in close to the building and people in line. (above)