Photos by Jason Knutson and Joe Schwartz. Thank you !
A few tips:

Ride this in the front and back for the full effect. The wait can be long but if you get on the morning you will reduce wait time. Try to ride at least 2 times to really enjoy the ride and then come back at night when the coaster is illuminated. Excellent!
A few specs:

Maximum Drop:236 feet
Maximum Speed70 mph
Track Length  1480 feet
Ride Duration     45 sec.
My rating10/10

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Mr. Freeze: The Best Launch Coaster
Above photos are from Texas and the ones below are from Missouri.
The amazing launch tunnel.
One thing that is cool about Mr. Freeze is you can ride at Six Flags in one of two locations: Eureka, Missouri or Arlington, Texas. Launched at 0-70 mph in 3 sec., you are then shot through 2 inversions, and straight up a tower over 200 feet tall. Gravity sends you back and you do it all over again backwards. Can you say adrenaline head rush? The ride at night is even better. (left)

The train (below) just before launch.