Phoenix: A Very Nice Wooden Out and Back Rollercoaster that Runs Wild!
Photos by Walter Reiss , and Robb Alvey . Thank you!
A few tips:

The Phoenix is great in both the front and back and no matter where you ride, you will get air time. The best time to ride is at night but the wait can be up to 1-2 hours
A few specs:

Maximum Drop:   72 feet
Maximum Speed:        45 mph
Track Length:          3000 feet
Ride Duration:         2 min.

My rating  10/10

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In the wilderness of Pennslvania there is a town called Elysburg. In Elysburg, you'll find a very unique amusement park owned by a lumber company called Knoebel's Amusement Park.
An old wooden rollercoaster originally built in 1945 moved to Knoebel's in 1985 where it was named the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is actualy a bird that has been brought back to life which is where the name of the rollercoaster came from.  Air time is immense. Ride this wild ride in the back and front to get two different ride experiences.
Phoenix starts off with a dark tunnel (left). The train climbs up the lift hill. (below) The first drop is great for no matter where you sit, you're in for some great air time.
The first drop (left) has the best air time

Another drop (below) after the turnaround is also terrific!
Third drop (below) after the turnaround is also terrific!