Photos by Joe Schwartz , and Robb Alvey. Thank you!
A few tips:

Ride this in the back for the wildest ride. The front is also good for the best view.
A few specs:

Maximum Drop:   67 feet
Maximum Speed:        47 mph
Track Length:          2840 feet
Ride Duration:         2 min.

My rating  9.9/10

Does this review make you want to ride Rollercoaster PNE ?
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Each year, near the end of summer, the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) comes to Canada to the city of Vancouver in British Colombia.  At the PNE there is a playland where you will find a classic ride called Rollercoaster PNE. Rollercoaster PNE is a rough classic wooden rollercoaster with loads of air time. If you sit in the back, you may want to hang on. The pull is incredible. The train is a classic design with only a lapbar which is the best way to ride any wooden rollercoaster.
The first drop (far left) gives you the most pull if you sit in the back . The second drop (near left) will once again lift you up. The design goes back to 1958 and Rollercoaster PNE has remained a truly exciting ride. Note how open the train is (below) and how nobody in the back is raising their hands (left).
Warning: If you are a new rider you may want to ride in the middle of the front. If you ride in the back, be prepared to hang on.
Rollercoaster PNE: An Old Classic that Has Loads of Air Time.
The classic open car design with only a lapbar for a restraint. (below)