Photos by Alex Nagel, and Thrillride. Thank you!
A few tips:

Try this in the morning when the wait is less than an hour. Then come back to ride at night in the front or back. The wait can be up to 3 hours but it is well worth it. The greatest pull is in the back. The best view is the front.
A few specs:

Maximum Drop:  80 feet
Maximum Speed70 mph
Track Length   2757 feet
Ride Duration     1.5 min.
My rating10/10

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Volcano The Blast Coaster is the Only Suspended Launch Coaster that will Blow You Away!
The force of being shot out of the volcano mouth upside down is intense. (left and right)

Coming around the bend at high speed. (left)
From the station you are launched 0-70 mph in 3 seconds. You coast close to the ground. As gravity slows you down, you are accelerated again. Now you enter the volcano and shot straight up through the top. After you exit the top of the volcano, you feel the heat and see a fiery blasting coming out of the volcano (left) and are turned upside down. Then you are turned right side up only to be turned upside down another 3 times. These inversions are followed by a 80 feet plummet down to earth back into the volcano where you are come to an abrupt stop!

Get blasted in Doswell, Virginia at Paramount's Kings Dominion with Volcano The Blast Coaster the only suspended launch coaster on earth.
The first of 3 heartline rolls will make you lose your stomach (above and right), or your lunch if you've just ate.
The final dive (above, left) is followed by an abrupt stop!
The blast out of the volcano (above and right) which is followed by a fiery blast.